Light Duty Towing
standard sized tow truck

Left your lights on and need a boost?  Locked your keys out?  Flat tire?  Or maybe you just had one of those days where you discovered your vehicle does NOT float in the local pond.  We've got you covered!  Our Light Duty fleet offers friendly service with a smile.  Let the pros take the stress off your day, call and we will get you back on the road and where you need to be!

Medium Duty Towing
medium sized astro tow truck

Capable of moving buses, and ready to serve you, we maintain a solid fleet of vehicles including medium duty units.  Astro Towing also offers local or long distance tows.  Our experience is second to none.  Go with the pros, get it done right! 

Heavy Duty Towing
large astro towing tow truck

Our larger towing units can move semi's, tow the big iron, and get your equipment where it has to be.  When you need the job done right, get the right guys do ASTRO!